Russo’s Catering History

Our family has been in the Seafood Business for over 60 years. My Grandfather and Grandmother started Charles J. Russo Seafood, Inc. in Savannah in 1946 selling only the freshest seafood to the people of Savannah. Our entire family participates in the Seafood Industry. Vincent worked with Charlie Russo, his brother, and Charles Russo, his father, in the store after graduating from Georgia. As a little girl I used to visit my dad in the store and “help” customers with their orders. The store is still there today where locals go to find fresh local seafood.

My father, Vincent Russo  began to cater while working in the seafood market in the late 1970’s, and ventured out on his own in the early 80’s. Vincent owned and operated a successful catering business, Vince Russo’s Catering, in Savannah, Ga for over 30 years. Vince an expert in seafood, and catering, has published a cookbook and a line of videos. The Savannah Morning News has featured him in their foods section many times over the past 30 years. I accompanied my dad on many catering events, learning his craft, his style of cooking, and the hard work it took to be successful in catering.


Vincent Russo recently retired and Russos Catering was passed to Erica Russo Davis.


For fifteen years, Erica Russo Davis has been working to deliver the freshest tasting Low Country Boils and Oyster Roasts to people all over the southeast. Since 2002, I have been working with friends and clients to cater parties, weddings, and corporate events. We continue to specialize in Seafood, Low Country Boils, and Oyster Roasts. I am proud to carry on the tradition of delivering top quality, healthy, great tasting meals.

We believe in fresh. That is why we use only Wild Caught Local Shrimp – no farm raised shrimp – ever… We use locally grown corn, fresh not frozen, which adds to the sweetness, and hand-made Italian chicken sausage from my family’s recipe. That’s right, we make our own sausage so there’s no artificial chemicals or preservatives. You can count on a great meal, that is good for you and your family.