Why We Throw The Best Oyster Roasts

Five reasons why our oyster roast service is the best:

  1. Fresh Oysters – We use the best local oysters from Bluffton, which unlike other oysters, retain their salty sweetness when they are steamed. The oysters are fresh, less than 12 hours fresh, and have not been sitting in someone’s cooler for three or four days.
  2. Presentation matters – We set up tables, cookers, and oyster boxes to maximize the traffic flow at your party. Your party looks good, there’s no throwing your oysters on a plywood table, or doing things half way. You will be proud of your party, we promise.
  3. Cleanliness – Our stainless steamers, and equipment are spotless. We work to make sure that the oyster table is always clean, and your guests have the condiments that they need to enjoy the oyster roast. We clean up, collect, and recycle the oyster shells.
  4. We work with you – We always offer our recommendations to make your party go smoothly, and check in with you to make sure your guests are happy.
  5. We Believe In Fresh Food – We make everything fresh, from scratch. There’s no cocktail sauce out of a bottle, it’s all fresh.


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