How To Pick a Great Great Bar Service

For most people picking the bar service for your party comes down to price. Price matters, but would it make that much difference if you added 300 dollars to your budget? Probably not… These are the keys to look for when hiring your bar service.

  1. Do you trust them? You should trust that they will make good decisions regarding safety, and do it discretely. They should have policies that they follow to provide a safe atmosphere for you and your guests. Review these with them, to make sure you agree to the rules.
  2. How do they train their bar tenders? Do they have processes that they can articulate? This signifies that they take the job seriously, and you’re not getting fly-by-night services.
  3. Can they offer quality references? When you call the references can they professionally explain why they liked their service.
  4. Do they commit to a series of expectations? Arrival time, stock, support, clean up, etc.
  5. How do they determine the amount of beverages they stock for the event? This can be very important. Running out before the toast will ruin your day, and your plan. They should take into account who your guests are, their age, and your preferences.
  6. Meet the staff. If they are all worn out and grumpy, do you think they will make your event better or worse?
  7. Hire those who come recommended by those who know the industry, and have seen them work.


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