We are in the business of celebrating life: family, friends, and food. There seem to be fewer opportunities to see your family and friends, especially those where you have time to catch up. For many, rehearsal dinners allow us to see family, and friends we have not seen in years. One of the things we love about the South, and Savannah specifically, is the talent for slowing things down; living in the now.  A Low Country Boil is a great way to slow things down, to get your friends and family to feel at home, while experiencing the great food of the South.

Our family style foods encourage your guests to mingle, stay a while, and enjoy their time. We put lots of love and care into our cooking. We go to the docks to get fresh shrimp, to the farmers markets to get corn and potatoes, and we hand make our sausage – believe me it does not get any slower than that…

Have you signed up your team for the 2017 Blessed Sacrament Clay Shoot on February 4?

Join us for the Oyster Roast – open to the public! We look forward to seeing all you there.

Shooting or not … you won’t want to miss the After Party at Forest City Gun Club, featuring music by Junkyard Angel, and oysters from Erica Russo’s Catering.@2017BlessedSacramentSportingClays


Queen of the South

The work of on-site catering is hard manual labor, more typically suited for men than for women. Most women simply do not want to set up grills, haul cases of food and equipment, and cook everything themselves. Furthermore, sourcing oysters is a messy, and sometimes dangerous, endeavor, but Erica Russo Davis comes by the job rightly.

As the daughter of Vincent Russo, Erica grew up by her Dad’s side learning the trade of onsite catering, seafood, and the importance of making everything from scratch with the best ingredients. “Everything from Erica Davis Lowcountry Catering is made from scratch including the coleslaw, red rice, and sausage!” She explained.

Having been one of the top caterers in Charleston for six years, Erica is now back home in Savannah where she not only runs her catering business that serves clients up and down the coast, but is also raising three children: Drew, Caroline and Hamilton while running her business full time! Oh, and she is also in charge of Russo’s Catering as well. Her business skills, and work ethic were instilled by her mother, Anne Adams who was a nurse at St. Joseph’s/Candler and the military for twenty-five years.

Specializing in a Lowcountry Boil that she says is everyone’s favorite, she only uses local shrimp, fresh corn-not frozen and said, “I use our homemade chicken sausage, which I make myself; the recipe was passed down from an old Matthews Russo family recipe.”

Oysters are the reef-builders of the Lowcountry aquatic ecosystem for fish, shrimp, and crab species, but they are also something we southerners look forward to slurping down in season, which opens on September 1st and closes May 15th. Davis explained that the South Carolina and Georgia Oysters are saltier and sweeter than those from norther regions such as the Chesapeake Bay.

In the Lowcountry, oysters are gathered in clusters and broken off the beds by hand, whereas norther oysters are dredged from the sandy bottom with nets and tongs. Davis uses oysters from Ike Kidd who has been harvesting his whole life with his father. They are from the beds of Mackey Creek near Pinckney Island, South Carolina and Davis said, “They are by far the best oysters I have tasted so far from Georgia to Charleston. They have a salty start and a sweet finish.” Visit EricaDavisCatering.com to book an oyster roast, Lowcountry Boil, or your next cocktail party with scrumptious appetizers.


Written by PAULA S. FOGARTY of South Magazine

Photograph by JABBERPICS of South Magazine


Early Spring on the Coastal Empire is a perfect time and place for a wedding.

On April 6th, Erin Schmitz, from Savannah, and her fiancée, from Minnesota, invited friends and family from the local area and up north to help them celebrate their nuptials, as well as join them in a banquet of traditional, regional cuisine.

After the ceremony concluded, the 150 guests arrived to the Isle of Hope Marina. They enjoyed a stroll from the church to the river as the sun began to drift behind the boats and tall grasses that was the backdrop to this delightful gathering.

Guests streamed into the dock-side pavilion where they were greeted with a house made hors d’oeuvre spread including ham biscuits, meatballs, and the crowd favorite crab dip. Every table had its own unique appearance with assorted floral arrangements in assorted antique glass placed on each table.


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After several well-said words by friends and well wishers, the wedding party was first to be treated to a buffet of chickens grilled on site and a Lowcountry Boil that included local shrimp, corn, potatoes and a family recipe Italian chicken sausage that we still hand make to order. Sweet tea and citrus water were served to refresh those who needed respite from the dance floor. As many swayed under the stars, Erica lovingly handed out her peach cobbler to sweet lovers, young and old.

For most people picking the bar service for your party comes down to price. Price matters, but would it make that much difference if you added 300 dollars to your budget? Probably not… These are the keys to look for when hiring your bar service.

  1. Do you trust them? You should trust that they will make good decisions regarding safety, and do it discretely. They should have policies that they follow to provide a safe atmosphere for you and your guests. Review these with them, to make sure you agree to the rules.
  2. How do they train their bar tenders? Do they have processes that they can articulate? This signifies that they take the job seriously, and you’re not getting fly-by-night services.
  3. Can they offer quality references? When you call the references can they professionally explain why they liked their service.
  4. Do they commit to a series of expectations? Arrival time, stock, support, clean up, etc.
  5. How do they determine the amount of beverages they stock for the event? This can be very important. Running out before the toast will ruin your day, and your plan. They should take into account who your guests are, their age, and your preferences.
  6. Meet the staff. If they are all worn out and grumpy, do you think they will make your event better or worse?
  7. Hire those who come recommended by those who know the industry, and have seen them work.


A big thank you to CharlesTowne Landing’s Founder’s Hall for providing a beautiful venue to support MUSC’s Children’s Hospital. The weather was gorgeous and our Lowcountry cooking set the tone, bringing the comfort of Charleston’s local flavors. Our guests enjoyed fresh SC shrimp tossed in Old Bay with fresh corn, potatoes, & chicken sausage made from an old Russo family recipe.

The ambience was gorgeous and elegant – A perfect place to present the delicious cuisine of Erica Davis Catering. Local clusters were roasting, as smoked pork with homemade red rice, and cole slaw, surrounded the gorgeously lit dance floor and back porch – guests danced into the evening to Charleston’s own, Blue Dogs.

Thanks to everyone for a great turnout at the event. It’s always such a pleasure to see local support. Two hundred guests enjoyed the local SC clusters. It was a huge success. We helped to raise about fifteen thousand dollars for MUSC children’s hospital.

Five reasons why our oyster roast service is the best:

  1. Fresh Oysters – We use the best local oysters from Bluffton, which unlike other oysters, retain their salty sweetness when they are steamed. The oysters are fresh, less than 12 hours fresh, and have not been sitting in someone’s cooler for three or four days.
  2. Presentation matters – We set up tables, cookers, and oyster boxes to maximize the traffic flow at your party. Your party looks good, there’s no throwing your oysters on a plywood table, or doing things half way. You will be proud of your party, we promise.
  3. Cleanliness – Our stainless steamers, and equipment are spotless. We work to make sure that the oyster table is always clean, and your guests have the condiments that they need to enjoy the oyster roast. We clean up, collect, and recycle the oyster shells.
  4. We work with you – We always offer our recommendations to make your party go smoothly, and check in with you to make sure your guests are happy.
  5. We Believe In Fresh Food – We make everything fresh, from scratch. There’s no cocktail sauce out of a bottle, it’s all fresh.


Crab dip is a lowcountry style appetizer that is sure to have your friends asking for the recipe.  Its great for casual dinner parties, the holidays, and friends over for the super bowl.


– 1 lb. white backfin crabmeat
– 1 stick butter
– 1/2 tsp. salt
– 8 oz. cream cheese
– 1/4 cup minced onion


Melt cream cheese and butter. Add onions and salt. Stir in crabmeat and mix thoroughly. Remove and serve in chafing dish with ritz crackers on the side.

It is always fun catering parties at the beach, and the Friends of the Edisto party at Edisto beach was no exception. We put together a great tasting dinner for the Friends of the Edisto consisting of an Oyster Roast to start, and our Lowcountry Boil with local shrimp, and our homemade italian chicken sausage, for a main course. Several people liked our sausage so much that they wanted to order it in bulk.

Senator Cromer was a gracious host for the Friends of the Edisto who held the event to raise awareness and gain support for sustainable economic development within the Edisto River Basin in South Carolina. The Edisto River Basin contains the longest free-flowing blackwater river in America, and encompasses twelve counties, including much of the midlands and low country areas of South Carolina.

Everyone had a great time, and enjoyed supporting a good cause.

Paula Deen At the Moran Towing Party

For the past couple of years we have catered the Moran Christmas Party in Savannah Ga. This is a great event; all of the families and friends gather on the dock of Moran Towing overlooking River Street in downtown Savannah.

This year we featured an oyster roast, lowcountry boil, steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers, coleslaw, green beans, and a dessert assortment. Everything was cooked and served on sight under the tent on the dock over looking the river. There were about a 100 people in attendance. Even Paula Dean enjoyed the Lowcountry, especially the homemade sausage. After Lunch we all went for a ride up the river in a tug. It was a great end to a busy day.

For the fifth year in a row we worked with the Dutch Island Hoa to deliver a great Fall Festival. There were jump castles, face painting, arts and crafts, and tug of war – which was hilarious.

We served barbecue, chicken fingers, baked beans, mac and cheese, our famous cole slaw. It never fails, every year they always ask about the cole slaw.

We enjoyed the event and we hope all of you did as well. We loved seeing everyone and look forward to working with you next year.

We have been busy getting ready for the fall oyster roasts. Over the years our customers have come to love the combination of fall with game days or birthdays with oyster roasts. This is a great way to casually entertain your guests, enjoy their company, and not worry about who is going to take care of the appetizers, and snacks.

The variety of oysters available is amazing. From the Northwest to the Southeast there are over 100 different locations around the country where oysters can be found. With names like Damariscotta, Skookum, and the popular Apalachicola or Blue Point’s, you can tell, as oyster lovers already know, that each has their own distinct taste and personality. We primarily, nearly exclusively, use local oysters from the Lowcountry areas of Beaufort, Charleston, and Savannah. They have a wonderful salty, brine, taste with a sweetness that that is a contrast to the mellowness of the Apalachicola oyster.

This year we are offering a $100 coupon to anyone who books during the months of October and November.


Fourth of July celebration at Riverfront Park in North Charleston. There were about 8,000 people in attendance. We served Lowcountry Boil with Homemade Italian Chicken Sausage, Fresh Local Shrimp, Fresh Corn, and New Potatoes along with good ‘ole Southern Sweet Tea.

Great parties are planned, yet they seem to have an element of surprise, and spontaneity. Have you been to a party or event that you just can’t get out of your mind? Was it that which you expected that made it memorable, or was it the ease to which you mingled and shared with the other guests that made it great?

We believe the things that make a party great are:
– a good plan for food, location, and help
– reliable and courteous catering
– adequate seating, and a layout that encourages interaction
– time for you to enjoy your guests
– great food and refreshments that span the evening
– range in you guest list
– entertainment that connects with the personality of your guests

In order to pull off an event you need time to plan, and help to get things done. Time to think it through, firm up the plan, and to get your invitations out, will vary depending on the event. Weddings take months, sometimes a year, while more casual occasions can take as little as a day or two.

Try to envision what you guests will need to feel comfortable, and relaxed, as you develop your concept of the event. Then in addition to those requirements, build in a few special touches that are unique to your personality. We love to include our friends in something that makes us pull together – like making home made ice cream or margaritas. Parties often take a life of their own, but a little planning goes a long way.