We believe in fresh, local ingredients, quality food, and great service. We promise to honor that commitment.


Lowcountry Boil

A Low Country Boil is a perfect way to compliment your company’s party, wedding, or your rehearsal dinner. We take pride in the ingredients, making sure we use only the freshest local seafood, and produce.

We use Local Wild Shrimp from South Carolina and Georgia, fresh corn – not frozen, fresh new potatoes, and our handmade sausage from a family recipe using chicken to keep it healthy. People love our homemade sausages.We cook the shrimp separate, so people with shrimp allergies can still enjoy the rest of the Low Country Boil.

It is prepared on-site in stainless steel cookers and served steaming hot with our homemade cocktail sauce. We provide butter, utensils, heavy-duty plates, paper towels and moist hand wipes.




There is nothing like an oyster roast in the fall and winter months. It is very popular for our customers to match an oyster roast with a low country boil, or barbecue to make a full evening out of it.

Where roasting gives oysters a burnt taste, we steam our oysters on-site in specially designed stainless steamers until they’re juicy and plump. We use local shell oysters from the high-salinity waters of Bluffton, SC. These oysters are appreciated by locals from Savannah, Beaufort, and Charleston, who are looking for the salty sweet oysters that they grew up eating as children. Forget the singles, these are the best oysters you have ever tasted.

It is all set up and ready to go before your guests arrive. We serve the oysters hot, right out of the steamer, with everything you need, including freshly made cocktail sauce, tables, table cloths, oyster knives, gloves for your guests, and even boxes for shells. When we leave your backyard is as clean as when we arrived.




BBQ ChickenOur Barbecue is cooked low and slow on site and served straight off the grill. We built and designed our grill to specifically take advantage of the natural drippings, turning them into smoke, which generates flavor for you.

The barbecue cooks for hours over hickory, oak, or apple wood. No matter which you choose, Pulled Pork, Ribs, or Chicken, you can bet that it will be some of the best BBQ that you have ever put in your mouth.

Grilled Chicken is a great compliment to our low country boil, or it can be prepared as the feature with oysters and crab dip as an appetizer. We use organic chicken and season it just right.



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