Rehearsal Dinners on the Georgia Coast

We are in the business of celebrating life: family, friends, and food. There seem to be fewer opportunities to see your family and friends, especially those where you have time to catch up. For many, rehearsal dinners allow us to see family, and friends we have not seen in years. One of the things we love about the South, and Savannah specifically, is the talent for slowing things down; living in the now.  A Low Country Boil is a great way to slow things down, to get your friends and family to feel at home, while experiencing the great food of the South.

Our family style foods encourage your guests to mingle, stay a while, and enjoy their time. We put lots of love and care into our cooking. We go to the docks to get fresh shrimp, to the farmers markets to get corn and potatoes, and we hand make our sausage – believe me it does not get any slower than that…

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